Michael Shin

Michael sees yoga as a practice of rediscovering a way of moving and being in our bodies that is most authentic and true for ourselves. Through his own journey of coming up against his own hard edges and habit patterns that caused him to lose life balance, Michael found yoga as a most effective way to make a very tangible commitment to a life of health, balance, and connection with those parts of life that are truly important. In his teaching and in his life, Michael stands for honesty and truth—nothing more, nothing less. Yoga taught him that an unwavering commitment to the truth of this present moment is a universal, accessible path to freedom.

Although he loves the transformative physical, mental and emotional benefits of the practice, at the heart of it all, Michael sees yoga as a precious opportunity to practice deep devotion and gratitude for life. His enthusiasm has led him to continue to practice and train under a number of yoga traditions: Moksha, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, Jivamukti. His classes draw from the rich heritage of all of these traditions, and the inspired experience and love of his teachers. In his classes, Michael strives to offer a practice that incorporates traditional practices and techniques as a strong support and guide. Ultimately, however, Michael believes in encouraging and supporting each person to start listening more carefully to their own intuition and inner teacher, to take full responsibility for their actions and experiences, so they can come into a way of being that is truly authentic and empowering for themselves.