Jeff Goodman

Jeff first stumbled into yoga through a friend and immediately knew he had discovered something profound. Years of strength training and running had created physical imbalances in his body, which he was able to start balancing out through a steady practice. The mental, emotional and spiritual benefits unearthed by a regular asana practice soon followed.

Jeff completed the Moksha teacher training program in July 2009. In addition to teaching, Jeff is exploring a traditional Mysore-style Ashtanga practice and works as a broadcast operator for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. He graduated from Ryerson with a BA in Radio and Television Arts in 2007 and is passionate about music, books, film, photography, mythology and creative expression in general.

In his spare time he usually has a book in hand, wants to travel as much as possible and is determined to learn as much as he can from everyone around him. He is honored to be part of the Moksha community and is incredibly grateful to all of his teachers, particularly David Robson, David Bruni, Darcy Hagerman and his parents.