Hayley Walkden

Breathing, moving, creating, aligning to the natural world, looking inward and discovering yourself, making daring leaps of faith into an asana you never knew existed, balancing on your hands, making new friends that join you on your yoga journey, a sweaty class when its cold outside…these are just a few reasons why Hayley continues to commit herself to being both a student and teacher of Moksha and Vinyasa yoga.

Hayley has always gravitated toward movement as a way to feel strong, free and connected to her environment. With a dance and competitive gymnastics background, she was immediately drawn to the grace of the physical asanas. Her love for human health, anatomy and science sparked her interest in the benefits of yoga for the human body and mind.

Hayley graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012. These days you can find her at her chiropractic practice at Moksha Yoga Uptown and as a new member of the Well.Being team at Moksha Yoga North York. When Hayley teaches yoga, she mixes student energy, flow, play, physical alignment, intuition and the unpredictable universe into a practice that helps students create and explore within each asana.