Carmelinda Di Manno

From a young age Carmelinda has always been involved in dance, gymnastics and fitness. At age 20, She discovered her first hot yoga class and was soon an avid practitioner.

Working as a full-time event management professional in October 2011, Carmelinda applied and was accepted into the Moksha Yoga teacher-training program in Montreal. Shortly following her training, Carmelinda became a full-time yoga instructor.

With a desire to continue work in event production, she launched with her partner Stephanie Mills, a yoga-event company. Soul Revival has since taken off and become a well-known event, where yoga students gather in unusual places to practice yoga. In addition to yoga, popular DJs spin night-club style music. The event includes many vocal and instrumental as well as dance artists.

In May of 2012, Carmelinda was also certified to teach Moksha Flow, a vinyasa-style sequence, in which often her Moksha Flow classes can be experienced with contemporary, fun music. Carmelinda also teaches Ballet Barre classes which incorporate yoga, dance, pilates and aerobics.

Carmelinda’s intention behind her classes is to nurture freedom, health and peace, while providing a butt-kicking work out.