Amanda Montgomery

Amanda’s yoga journey began in her mid-teens, as she stuggled with questions about who she was and what was her purpose in this life. Her discovery of yoga philosophy led her to cultivate a practice of svadhyaya and she spent the next several years reading (a lot!) and wondering how on earth she was going to make sense of it all!

Through yoga, Amanda has found peace in her heart, joy in her life and love in the world. She continues to pursue her passion through studying philosophy with Michael Stone and finds time for reflection while teaching and practising yin + Moksha Yoga. Amanda is inspired by all of her teachers, especially Tracey Soghrati, Michelle Corbeil and Jess + Deena Robertson—women who embody a practise of dedication, honesty and fun.

When she isn’t teaching, Amanda is a mom, wife, business owner and shiatsu therapist. It isn’t without a great deal of support from a great many people that Amanda has been able to pursue her dreams. Mostly she is indebted to her mother, whose unwavering love is astonishing.