Allison Lawan

Allison started her yoga journey with an interest to balance out her busy life. Always on the go, she was instantly challenged on her mat through meditation and stillness. As a continuing student, she quickly fell in love as the practice offered her a place of peace. Since then she is committed to sharing her passion for yoga with others with those around her. Allison continued her path at her local Moksha studio and decided to support her community through the Energy Exchange program for 2 years. Since then, Moksha has been a hub to reconnect with her mind, body, and breath. Growing a family and still keeping her yoga passion alive, she has trained in Restorative, Prenatal, Kids/Family Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga. She also completed her Moksha Level 1 training in Kelowna, BC back in 2015. She will be attending the Moksha Flow Training in May 2017. Allison is a proud mama of 3 and will continue her yoga journey with Moksha for many years to come.